I Could Pull off Skinny Jeans

January 30, 2007

Intro: Are you sick of being judged based solely on your intelligence, looks, clothing, money, ambition, personality, taste, loyalty or charisma? Do you long to judged only for the slendeness of your pant-leg? Me too, friend. Me too.


Well, makeup is cheaper than plastic surgery

And scene girls are cheaper than whores

Hot Topic is cheaper than A & F

And all they listen to anyway is the chorus

Yeah, I picked up the latest Bright Eyes album

I hadn’t realized I was do depressed

Nothing to do now except go buy the skinniest jeans

‘cuz there’s nothing like slender denim when you’re stressed

And I’ve been watching the AFI video

“Cuz I’m edgy and different from the rest

I just hope my all the guys at their next sold out concert

Will hear all about it and be super impressed


And being in a band isn’t so awfully hard

All you need is the right hair and a friend who has seven months on guitar

A shy kid with a drumset, any one will do

College? Skinny jeans are what will really take you far

Sick of “One night in Paris?” try one night with Franz

So what if the cool kids all have nicer cars?

They’ll be playing your music on their speakers one day

When your skinny jeans make you into an overnight star


Now, when I go home and get into bed, I can be the man of my dreams

I just take off my Bravery t-shirt and pull off my skinny jeans

Outro: Brought to you by Fall Out Boy, and Levi…


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