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Vendetta review

March 28, 2006

This Friday I went to go see V for Vendetta, which, at writing time, is the number 1 movie in America. Great. It is, also, if it’s detractors are to be believed, an Anti-American, pro-terroristic, leftist, Christian-hating movie with a message that violence is not only justifiable, but desirable. But V for Vendetta is no more Anti-American than 1984 was Anti-British. It created a world that was deliberately set to foil our own, and it did so with out much regard for subtlety; But to completely juxtapose our world and the world of the movie is unfair. The movie, as I understand it, is not so much a commentary as a warning of the dangers of a rigidly conservative stance. Is such a stance neccesary in the current political climate? I don’t know. But I do know that it can’t hurt to be at least mildly cognizant of the dangers of such a viewpoint. Conflating V with Osama Bin Laden is yet another unfair comparison made by detractors of the film. V’s timing seemed delibrately to minimize the deaths of civilians, and he was attacking not the citizens of a foreign goverment but his own government, in the name of the citizenry. Wrong? Perhaps. But not equitable with a suicide bomber who enters a cafe crowded with civilians from another country. And definately not equitable with terrorists flying planes into large buildings filled with workers who had them wrong. If we look at V’s meticulous killings, we see that they fall generally into the category of people who have killed very many other’s (and tried to kill him) or people that are currently trying to kill him. Is this legally, or even ethically viable, this blunt system of contrapasso? Perhaps not. But it is, after all, a movie. And within the premise of a movie, such actions are viable. V is by no means a perfect hero, and maybe not even a good hero. But neither is he a villian.